Biography in English for Margot and Sture Ogren

Margot Ogren was born into a very musical family and her career as a gospel singer took off in the 70's, when she reached the great success in the Nordic countries. Her life has not contained only joy and success, but also a long and dark period marked by deep bitterness when she turned her childhood back on God and vowed to never set foot in a church again.

During the following 20 years, she sang jazz and blues with great success. Her life journey had a dramatic turn when Jesus came into her life again. Today Margot testify to the power of forgiveness and the way out of bitterness and hatred.

Sture has been a Christian all his life, which was marked by much music as he plays both guitar and accordion, during his childhood he also played the trumpet. As a musician, he participated for several years in a popular TV program in Sweden.

Margot met Sture in 1996, since then they have been a couple traveling in Scandinavia, Europe, South America and Africa to spread the gospel message further with their very special sound, Margot, vocals and piano, Sture with his accordion.
They have appeared in several Scandinavian TV programs and own productions for TV and radio.